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Lifescapes Books

With contributions from all Lifescapes participants.

Random Thoughts And Really Good Recipes

Act Two

Life's Lessons Learned

In Other Words

People We Remember

December 7, 1941:
Memories of Pearl Harbor and World War II

Memories of World War II and the Korean War

Dancing   (Cover)

Food For Thought   (Cover)   (Back Cover)


Journeys   (Cover)

Gone But Not Forgotten   (Cover)

Many Long Years Ago   (Cover)

Dewey or Don't?   (Cover)

Magic Moments   (Cover)

Sparks Library 75 Years of Service   (Cover)

Driving Down Memory Lane   (Cover)

New Beginnings   (Cover)

Seasons of Our Lives   (Cover)

Stepping Stones   (Cover)

Growing Into Who We Are   (Cover)

Individual Memoirs:

Ron Abdo
Lourdes Agacaoili-Harshbarger
Catherine S. Allen
Popi Garos Anastassatos
William E. Barnes
Earl Bartel
Grace Bartel
Virginia Condict von Phul Beer
Marjorie Easley Bennett
M. Pearl Cartwright
Rajeswari Chatterjee
Phyllis Clark
Bruno Coli
Jim Cooper
Doris Lindsey Darnell
Evelyn Dees
Jean Dole
Esther Early
Marilyn Ebner
Sharon Edwards
Sharon White Elorza
Del Flint
Jeanne Parker Fowler
Martha Goodrich
Monica Maria Grecu
Kay Greene
Ellen Guerricagoitia
John Gunther
Beverly Percival Hall
Ed Irvin
Andrew Ivanov
Annetta James
Bette Steere Jensen
Madeline Kenyon
Ina Krapp
Constance Copeland Kvasnicka
Louise Lang
Gloria Lee
Julie Ley
Dominic Licata
Betty Lou Marquardt
June Maxwell
Helen McDaniel-Sharp
William Metscher
David Nadel
Bonnie Nelson
Margaret Oakley
Charlotte O'Ryan
Julia Oversloot
Jonathan Otis
Janet Pirozzi
Sally Quade
Marilynn Short
Shirley Smith
Lois Smyres
Hazel Snow
Margo Spears
Robert Stelle
Helen Stevens
M. Bashir Sulahria
Sherl Landers-Thorman
Billie Walker
Betty Waltenspiel
Jean Wells
Georgia Westbrook
Penny Whalen


Lifescapes Handbook

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